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The result – reports, abstracts. An abstract is a written report on a specific topic that includes information from one or more sources. The abstract can be a summary of the content of any scientific work.

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The authors of writemypapers.org offer to write an essay on a topic that was offered to you at the university. Abstract, since the work should not reflect the course of its development – is primarily an introduction to the modern views of the authors. The result is characterized by the following points:

  • introduction (choice of the theme of the work, title, information about the author);
  • main part (text content);
  • conclusion (general conclusion concerns the problem presented in the abstract);
  • list of literature sources.

Abstracts are written in standard language, using jargon, specific terms, and key ideas that are given and relevant to the topic of the work. Review and evaluation are usually written in the abstract. The abstract itself is a small work compared to a seminar or dissertation. He may refer to the authors, but this is not mandatory. He has a purpose. It involves considering a specific problem, providing recommendations for its solution, obtaining more accurate and complete information about the problem. This work also has its tasks.

Summing up

The conclusions necessarily show that the purpose of the academic work is achieved, the tasks are fulfilled. The abstract is written on about 12-15 pages. The summary covers the types of work that should be done regularly in most subjects and on various topics at the university. This task is often given as an approach to the test, as another task with several points. Abstract – this is not a very big work, which does not require the personal opinion of the student as much as a comprehensive assessment of the problem and its analysis, coverage of this in their work.

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A few years ago, to write a work, I had to sit in the library for a few hours, study several sources of information, and then analyze it all. Now, of course, the task is easier if you can search for information on the Internet and easily copy it, but the search, organization, and correction still takes time. Moreover, due to the large variety of data on the network, it is not always possible to ensure the reliability of the information.

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